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If you are looking to redesign the space that you live or work in, then speak to us. We are highly experienced designers who understand the creative symbiosis between humans and their personal landscapes. If you are inspired by your surroundings your life will be inspiring.

Interior Design

Transform your interiors into tranquil abodes Following in the design philosophy of less is more, our team of experienced designers at WG Design Labs is able to craft well balanced, soulful and stunning interior design spaces. Read more

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Commercial Design

Commercial spaces speak volumes about your business. Before clients meet you they have made judgments’. We aim to create spaces that tell your clients everything they need to know about who you are and what you do. Read more


Residential Design

Your needs are central to everything we do. First and foremost we are here to provide the most beautiful, suitable and inspirational spaces to suit your needs. Whatever property scope we can utilise the space creatively for you. Read more

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Works In Progress

If you are curious you can see the works in progress and see just how we put our clients at the centre of the process. Our aim is to inspire so your environment transforms your life whether you are at work or at play. Read more

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Emblematic Interior, Commercial, & Residential Designers


A Team of Professional & Spontaneous Designers

Our team of preeminent professional interior designer transforms meager looking house with their magical ideas and emblematic interiors into spontaneous place which you can call home. At WGDesignLab, we create masterpieces that are an infusion of bold and informal designs and promise permanence. Recognized worldwide for our professional residential designers, we have been into the business of rejuvenating lifeless houses and offices into a weighty dosage of style and elegance. The decors created by us are neither excessive bold nor contemporary, they are an ideal combination of comfort and refinement which is de rigueur. For us, style equates harmony, peace of mind and refinement of vision.

Our close relationship with the clients is the reason behind our impeccable designs that spring a touch of familiarity and the personal taste of the clients. Our team of professional commercial designers infuses your ideas with our knowledge of textures and color palettes and brings out the masterpieces that are serene and elegant and showcase your true personality to the world. Since where you live and work, is the true exhibition of your personality, we bring out that personal expression and elegance into our designs. Every project of ours is a true statement of the seamless integration of contemporary architecture with the ethnic charm. The imaginative skills of our untiring designers, Dionne Warwick and Bruce Garrick, have enabled us to become figurine of excellence and astuteness. As of now, we are into projects like restoration of historical monuments, décor of theatres and buildings and much more.

antiqueYour personal or workspace is about you: your feelings, your personality, your needs. Trends are exciting but your environment reflects your outlook, feeling and presence.

Dionne understands the need for dignity in design to reflect your needs. So if art or antiques are important to you these can be incorporated into your project. Our aim is to please, not impose a design upon you. Design should be symbiotic

However, through Dionne’s international travels, she shops for one off antique pieces, extraordinary items and art. This enables us to create timeless rooms. They may or may not follow trends; it’s entirely up to you.

Based upon the required needs of the client, whether commercial or residential, working agreements are created. These provide a clear understanding between client and designer. Rest assured these set out fees and obligations to avoid confusion throughout the exciting process of transforming your design.

We have considerable knowledge of LEED certified requirements. We assist architects in the early stages of development, while supporting the architectural integrity throughout a build. leed



Apply thoughts and Manage space!

Transform your space into an environment that lasts impression on every mind!

WG Design Lab offers the flawless and comprehensive interior design, commercial design, and residential design services.

As an interior designer, WG Design Lab knows well how to enhance the attractiveness of your space. We have a team of interior design professionals who can turn your ambience into a stunning and expressive interior design spaces.

As a commercial designer, WG Design Lab knows well how to create a good and healthy working environment for the workers. Our dedicated and experienced team of commercial design professionals are capable of designing interior of any type of commercial industries such as educational, hospitality, corporate, etc.

As a residential designer, WG Design Lab believes in collaborating with the clients first to understand their needs and discuss home ideas. WG Design Lab has a team of expert residential designers who know well how to create a relaxing and appealing environment in your home.


  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install
We do everything to understand who you are. We meet with you in person, on conference calls and video chats; it’s your choice. We get to know you first-hand. A close relationship is important to combine our expertise with your ideas. We like to know what you like living with and what desires you have for your new space. We listen to your ideas and learn your preferences, color schemes, preferred fabrics, etc., and develop a thorough and personalized Client Analysis.
With the Client Analysis in hand, we return to our lab. This is such an exciting start of the process. We begin to research and brainstorm based on the information we have gleaned from you. We then conceptualize a design to exceed your expectations. When the concept is complete, we prepare a Scope of Work (SOW) so all expectations are managed. At this point we preview our ideas with you and discuss the next stage and any changes, developments or additional ideas.
Click here to start the conversation and work through some of your ideas and ambitions for your space.
With your creative concept approval we develop the design elements. At this point we work them up into a more detailed presentation. At this [point you will be brimming with anticipation and excitement. We then follow up with a presentation of color boards, fabric swatches, floor plans, and drawings. Your ideas and our creativity fuse at this point. For the first time you will appreciate the results. After this meeting you will have a full understanding and can see how the design will look on completion. We then seek approval of these final designs and plans.
Click here to let us start your plans.
This is the fun part that you will have been anticipating. We are now in the position to execute the design. Imagine the excitement when we arrive to begin the work! Using only qualified and highly skilled local craftsmen, artisans, engineers, architects and contractors we now begin to transform the plans and designs into your new reality. This is where your dreams actually come true.
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Client Analysis


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Dionne Warwick



While music legend Dionne Warwick's performance skills are world renown, her imaginative skills as an interior designer will surprise! Her creative eye with color and texture and fabric interwoven with a well-conceived interior design finish has earned Dionne kudos. Dionne, working with her partner Bruce, has been responsible for designing numerous international projects ranging from private estates to world-class hotels which, she notes, are "all affordable!" In 2002 Dionne was featured on a Home & Garden Television Network show highlighting the Palm Desert home which they designed. Dionne's expertise as a host or co-host is well-documented. 


Bruce Garrick



Since 1974 Bruce W. Garrick has tallied numerous design achievements ranging from dramatic private estates to many other residential and commercial properties. In 1987 he was vice president and senior designer of the Dionne Warwick Design Group with offices in Beverly Hills, Hawaii, and Rio de Janeiro. In the 1980's he has been a leading member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), Los Angeles Chapter, having variously served as Professional Member, Second Vice President, Treasurer, and three terms member of the Board of Directors, and past head of Food & Beverage for the ASID National Convention held in Los Angeles. 

About Us



With soulful designs and sophisticated visions our partnership is in harmony with the client’s personality or vision. As Dionne’s music has become timeless, the versatile designs created by WG have also endured. With our inspired choice of textiles, fabrics and high-end elements, we create designs our clients love. Our current projects include restoration of historical national structures; commercial buildings and theatres; hospitality hotels and restaurants with distinction; yachts and residents for high profile clients. Of course we are comfortable in the distinguished company of celebrity clientele!



Our design services are extensive. We have implemented projects ranging from private estates and movies sets to classic high-end hotels."Color, balance, and harmony are a part of music and of design” Our services include: Project Management, Ideas & Advice, Architecture, Spatial Planning, Full Build & Landscaping.



We are tuned in to you the client. This is pivotal to everything we do. Your needs and desires are essential to the design process.It is you who will be living with our work so it has to be a partnership. Let’s begin the conversation now



Our clients tell us we have helped them create an extraordinary environment for them. We want to design spaces that are extremely comfortable but also representative of extraordinary design. See what WG’s clients say about our design work here.



Casual Elegance - also known as less is more – is what we love. Our clients agree! We develop our elegant and comforting design philosophy as we continue to work with new clients. We offer unlimited artistic and technical capabilities. The highest possible level of personal service and singular access to many of the world’s treasures underpin our work. If you are looking for inspiration see WG’s designs here



Dionne is a legend. She understands Area Acoustics. For entertainment and mediait is vitalthat a room is tuned. This is achieved by using materials that will have direct impact on sound. Talk to us about how to ensure your media spaces work on every level.

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Our Clients


Bergen, new Jersey
David Elliot
Singer, composer, recording artist

Villa Granada

Residence 14,000 sq ft -turn key
Bel Air, California
President of Mitsui Manufactures Bank

Villa Fountana

Residence-turn key
Bel Air,California
Tom Jones
Singer, recording artist

Residence, 5,000 sq ft

Laguna Beach, California
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Clark
Owner of the Calgary Flames-Canadian hockey team


Hollywood Hills, California
Tova & Ernest Borgnine
Film actor & owner of TovaNine
Skin care products

The Wilshire

Luxury condominium residence
Wilshire Corridor, Los Angeles, California


Palm Springs, California
Harold Matzner
Philanthropist of the arts

Villa Montana

Residence, 6,000 sq ft
Palm Springs, California

Residence (2 homes)

Wailea Country Club, Maui, Hawaii
Richard & Paula Cleavland

Residence 6,000 sq ft

Hollywood, California
Brandon Chase
Feature film producer

Black Ensemble Theatre

Commercial, public spaces
Chicago, Illinois

Residence 6,000 sq ft

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